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Upgrading of traditional processing areas to drive the demand for ultra hard materials


Stone, building materials, glass, ceramics, refractories, precious stones and other fields of processing has been the largest diamond consumption areas, accounting for about 50% of the entire diamond (PCD) products. With China's implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development and energy conservation, consumption reduction, material saving, waste reduction policy, the traditional processing technology to upgrade the demand for ultra hard materials products continue to increase.

Novel saw cutting tool. Abroad, has been in the stone mining, blocks of plastic, road traffic, building decoration and special-shaped stone processing and granite slicing field application of advanced diamond (PCD) wire saw technology. Compared with the traditional process, with wide adaptability, mining depth, high efficiency, low cost, safety and environmental protection and a series of advantages. With the development of our country's economic construction, the infrastructure construction has been strengthened, especially the development of the western region and the south to North Water Diversion Project, the huge market demand for diamond (PCD) cutting tools is put forward. 2006, China saw cutting tool market demand of about 10 billion yuan, with the rapid development of the national economy, its annual growth rate will continue to remain at around 30% in 2012 will reach 48 billion yuan.

New drilling tool. Diamond (PCD) drilling tools include PCD petroleum geology drill bits and diamond thin wall engineering drills. PCD bit can greatly improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the cost, and make it possible to exploit the oil field buried in the hard geological structure. With the development of petroleum geology and construction industry in China, the demand of diamond bit is increasing day by day. 2006 China's oil geological drill bit consumption reached 3 billion yuan, the thin wall drill also reached 200 million yuan; the expected demand for diamond bits will be increased by 20%, reaching 9 billion 500 million yuan in 2012.

Novel wire drawing tool and new type abrasive tool. Diamond (PCD) polycrystal drawing die for drawing wire and mesh of all kinds of metal wire, due to its excellent performance, replacing of cemented carbide drawing dies and natural diamond drawing die trend more and more quickly, with an average annual growth rate will reach 40%, 2006 the market size of about 3 billion yuan, in 2012 will reach 20 billion yuan. Diamond grinding wheel is an ideal tool for glass processing, optical, magnetic materials and engineering ceramics and other hard and brittle materials, and has been a mature application; in 2006 the market size of the field is about 4 billion yuan, in 2012 to reach 12 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 20%.

To sum up, 2006 domestic superhard materials products market size of about 200 billion yuan, super hard materials market size of about 40 billion yuan; in 2010 will increase to about 570 billion yuan and 110 billion. In addition, the international market for ultra hard materials and products of the market size of about $19 billion, and the rate of growth of 20%, the market prospect is also very broad. However, due to the overall technology and quality of China's diamond products behind the developed countries, used in electronics, automotive, home appliances, CNC machining and other industries with high-end products still rely on imports of more than 90%. According to customs statistics, since 2000, China's luxury superhard materials products imports by 30% average annual rate of increase, in 2006 the volume of imports reached more than $7 billion should said to have a greater potential for development in the field of super hard material products.

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