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Analysis on the potential and direction of cutting tool consumption


The tool companies unveiled the regional large exhibition industry gradually little, small user purchase amount is too small to have their own pick up...... Recently, the reporter survey found that in some of the exhibition site, the cutting tool enterprises than in the past, a lot less. At the same time, many small and medium users to reflect, and machine tool enterprises to actively promote the door, tool enterprises should be "arrogant". In this regard, the personage inside course of study points out, the reason for this phenomenon is mainly because the market fades, business operation more difficult, and fierce competition in the industry, small tool enterprises participating enthusiasm also followed by cooling, treat small users have begun. Related experts pointed out that the small user base is also a big market, cutting tool enterprises in the attention of large customers, should not give up the small and medium-sized customers.

Regional exhibition is the tool of large enterprises

"Buy now tool quite trouble of, still have to periodically yourself to the market run, some manufacturers think the goods ordered too little doesn't deliver the goods." In early 3, a hardware processing enterprises in Shandong, the person in charge of Mr. Hu complained to reporters. Reporters learned that Mr. Hu's production scale is not large, because the tool consumption is not very large, and recently there is no tool enterprise sales staff to sell. Helpless under, Mr. Hu had to personally went to the market for a period of time to buy a. "It is strange, now all walks of life are basically a buyer's market, did not think of these tool enterprises so that we do not take these small businesses." Hu believes that, compared with the active sales of machine tools, cutting tool business, "cold", so that he felt some incredible.

Not only tool business for small users is not too cold, is a number of regional exhibitions, the tool enterprises have begun to become less. At the beginning of this year held several regional trade shows, the reporter field survey found that the number of cutting tool enterprises participating. In contrast, in Beijing and other places organized by the international exhibition, the tool enterprises participating in the exhibition is very much. In the exhibition site, the reporter met many made a special trip to procurement tool of the responsible person of the enterprise, so that they feel disappointed, pitiful exhibition business tool, "really strange ah, so much selling machine, selling tool enterprises so little." A business person in charge said.

"In fact, every year in the exhibition held in the early, we will repeatedly to a number of cutting tool enterprises issued an invitation, unfortunately, many enterprises in recent years to participate in the regional exhibition more and more lack of enthusiasm." An exhibition organizers staff revealed. He told reporters frankly, in fact, the annual exhibition industry, there are many professional visitors to come to the scene procurement tool, including regional tool consumer also tend to be invited to the site visit, but due to the participating tools are not many companies, enterprises to choose the room is not big.

"I hope that these tools enterprises pay more attention to the existence of small and medium-sized customers, can be more and more appear in the exhibition site." At large to attend to the small client tool enterprise why exhibitors enthusiasm is not high, and even the user favour one more than another? In an interview, an exhibition organizers staff pointed out that the root cause is still a lot of tool companies like Pong big users. He said that at present a lot of tool companies like to track large customers, some of the major users, and some even stationed engineers home service.

On the contrary, the amount is not a lot of customers, relatively speaking is not so positive. In addition, tool most enterprises take agent system, responsible for various regional agents, often just need to talk to several users, is enough to let them live very moist days, so that users of small to them is dispensable.

"Those well-known tool enterprise sales network basically has covered the major cities, they may pay more attention to some national exhibition, and those smaller enterprises, due to the reasons for the profit margin compression, around participating enthusiasm is not too high." As for why many tool enterprises do not pay much attention to small users, which depends on the specific situation, whether you are a big customer, or a small customer, as long as there is profit, can be timely payment, is a good customer." He said that in the market fades, and colleagues on the fierce competition between, tool enterprises of some orders had to "think twice", he said, now a problem plagued tool industry that payment is not timely, "thousands of less, many hundreds of thousands or even millions of."

Another tool enterprise marketing staff said that the reason why they are not in the exhibition appearance, there is a very important reason, that is their relationship with many machine tool manufacturers are very close, which companies recently purchased a new equipment, almost all of them are clear, "to be honest, some equipment manufacturers distributors even guest role of tool dealers, the advantage of their own channels directly to the user recommendation tool, the effect than our door-to-door sales staff to sell much better."

Cutting tool enterprises are not paid much attention to the small users, its root cause is still out of control costs. Compared with the machine tool, the tool itself is not very high price, the profit is relatively low, basically need to rely on the amount of profit to achieve. Those small user demand is not very large, coupled with the current logistics costs are getting higher and higher, and sometimes may not even earn money. So some tool companies have to give up these small customers.

Middle and small users are equally worthy of attention

Cutting tool consumption potential of domestic machinery processing enterprises is very large, last year, the authority statistics show that China has become the tool Market

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