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High end equipment manufacturing force cutting tool reproduction


From 2011 began to focus on high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the "Twelfth Five Year" development plan of all kinds of sound, until May this year, the paper finally in the long-awaited introduction. In discussing how to manuscripts special when, my colleagues and I "of enterprises to tackle tough knife" this forum committed: high-end equipment manufacturing and cutting tool enterprises technology combined with point where? What is the specific situation of the lack of core technology mentioned repeatedly? For high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the "12th Five-Year" period or a more long-term future, the Chinese tool enterprises should strive to from what?...... Every problem seems to be very difficult to understand, we really have to get out of it? After several discussions, we decided to do our best to elaborate on this issue, even if not professional enough, not enough depth, but also at least to bring some thinking of China's cutting tool enterprises.

Elegant late the high-end equipment manufacturing industry "Twelfth Five Year" development plan ", the first part to a few hundred words summed up high-end equipment manufacturing industry is facing the current situation and development situation: innovation ability is weak, the core technology and key components of heteronomy; infrastructure and supporting capacity development lag, the host equipment face" shell "; product reliability is low, lack of high-end chain; small scale industries, market to meet the rate low; industrial system is not perfect, related infrastructure, the construction of the service system lags behind obviously. Innovation ability, key components, industrial chain, industrial system these words not only point to high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and is directly related to machine tools.

Weak innovation ability. This is a common problem in the tool enterprises in our country, the repeated investment in the market has been the norm, companies tend to win customers rather than unique products by price competition. Foreign cutter occupied China tool especially for half of the large market for high-end tool, Mitsubishi blade, OSG taps, cobalt collar bit... The high end of each field seems to be expected to be the Chinese enterprises, this is not the lack of core technology can be summed up in a few words. Harbin Industrial University of Cutting Technology Professor Han Rongdi said: "generally speaking this is the process, material nuances, angle of different coating, a little bit of change will have an impact on the tool, which not only needs time experience accumulation need more detailed research, and most of the foreign enterprises did not even professional cutting demonstration laboratory, even if there are just decoration."

Reporters call several private CNC tool enterprises, when it comes to the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the "Twelfth Five Year" plan ", is generally thought to have a certain impact on the cutting tools in the future market share, at the same time it is also clear for traditional tool enterprise it is a big challenge. Contact the numerous private enterprise product is "many", but the lack of classification and targeted, aerospace, rail transportation and marine equipment is the most closely contact with the cutting tool industry in the three major industries of high-end equipment manufacturing, interview is to know the almost no special needle on three areas in any field experts, Yong Guo Wang, professor at Shanghai University, said: "perhaps aerospace enterprises with a knife unit in the practical application of tool technology gap some experience, but as far as I know, devoted to the study of these applications in the field of experts." Suzhou Xinrui cemented carbide Co., Ltd. was born in the Kingdream group, many of the company's products applied directly in offshore oil exploitation, deputy general manager Yong Fu Wang feelings, both for the quality of product technology and better understanding of the domestic industry environment as well as practitioners and the gap is hard to imagine, and not often say is only parts of the key technical problems.

More than one company is positioning itself in the future to provide users with the overall solution, it seems that this is indeed a distant goal. Seco tools of petroleum and natural gas field solutions, for example, first of all, they expounded the characteristics of the industry and solutions of the basic requirements: Petroleum and natural gas industry to protect the world's energy supply play a leading role. It is the key to our entire planet's political and economic stability, and the industry represents the pinnacle of innovation in exploration and mining solutions.

They expect oil and gas production in the next few years will gradually increase the oil and gas industry equipment to meet the most stringent requirements for durability and reliability. Hope in extreme conditions (from the cold of the Arctic and deepwater pressure to the desert of the high temperature and corrosive environment) has perfect performance, these parts for the actual stability and energy security is crucial. Machining solutions for these components are focused on quality, cost, and productivity.

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