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Japan: June 2012 global cutting tool production


According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese tool industry will be a summary of the 2012 June as a whole (cutter head, a main body) cutting tools production volume, because the screw machining tool sales in good condition, June the whole cutting tool production amount for 93.11 billion yen ($1.1875 billion), an increase of 1.7%. Shipments to the Japanese yen (U.S. $), an increase of 3.2%. Remove the impact of changes in the membership, production increased by 2.9% year on year, shipments grew by 4.5%.

From the point of view of kinds of materials, special tool steel production volume is 73.73 billion yen ($studied billion), super hard tools production amount to 19.05 billion yen ($0.2430 billion), diamond (PCD) and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tool production amount to 0.33 billion yen ($0.0042 billion). Affairs Bureau pointed out that, although some members heard that orders fell slightly, but due to a lot of non delivery orders, production temporarily maintained stable.

On the other hand, the Japanese economic and industrial machinery statistics show that in June 2012 the production of special steel tools for the yen (about $2.4%), an increase of 2, showing an upward trend for consecutive months. From the point of view of different varieties, tap, die production volume is 28.56 billion yen ($obviously billion), an increase of 4.6%; steel drill production amounted to $15.75 billion yen ($. 2009 billion), down 5.2%.

Note: this presentation uses a real time exchange rate of $1 for =78.4110 yen.

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