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How much space is there in the third industrial revolution


With "intelligent manufacturing" as the core of the third industrial revolution, it is possible to make global technology elements and market elements of the configuration mode of revolutionary changes. If China cannot achieve leading technology breakthrough and its industrialization, not only occupy the super industrial revolution the commanding heights, are more likely to being marginalized in the world a new round of industrial division of labor and wealth layout cutting.

The most difficult period of the economy is also the key period of the brewing technology and the industrial revolution.

When the world is conceived of the third industrial revolution is becoming a major economies, the decision on the focus in China recently promulgated the "12th Five Year" national strategic emerging industry development plan ", very timely.

Since the current round of economic and financial crisis, world initial concern is originated from the crisis in the United States when the end and how to end; with the crisis center moved to Europe, found in the world, holds the most economic and financial resource and crisis transfer tool of the United States, not only can the costs of the crisis in the global scope of radiation, and homeopathy looted major competitors also rely on its unparalleled super enterprise group and a large number of technical genius quietly set off a new round of industrial revolution. So far, at least, the United States is still the leading R & D base, financial service advantage and abundant new technology industry experience, make its are likely to occupy this round of super industrial revolution the commanding heights, and took the lead out of the crisis, once again, the formation of lock of the main competitors of technology and industry. By contrast, still in the euro crisis struggling European countries, although had to rely on the collective effort and rival the United States, but ultimately failed to across the United States carefully constructed "financial high frontier."

Since 1990s, R & D investment in the United States has remained at about 2.5% of the gross domestic product level. A significant change since 1990 is federal government R & D investment accounted for GDP ratio has remained at between 1% to 1.5%, mainly from companies, universities and non-governmental organizations of non federal government R & D investment, the proportion of GDP has maintained a growth, until now has remained at between 1.5% - 2% of GDP. This is not unrelated to the U.S. government to adopt policies to encourage R & D investment from the private sector. Mr Obama knows that, subject to the current round of financial crisis, upon which the United States deprivation of global wealth important rely on, the financial sector in the short term is difficult to fully recover former strength, the United States only strengthen the ace in the hole. So at the beginning of his office, that is, a huge amount of money allocated for the development of new energy and biomedical fields. The last two years, the U.S. economic fundamentals despite the hard to have a big improvement, but the government's research and development budget has not been reduced. Last year amounted to 148 billion U. s.dollars; R & D investment is far more than this figure. Only a Microsoft, R & D investment last year, up to $90%, of which 9 billion 500 million to invest in a very critical cloud computing area. Ranked second in the Intel, its technology investment last year, there are 6 billion 500 million US dollars. In the global IT enterprise R & D investment in the top 30, the United States has 12, followed by Japan, there are 10, as long as China's HUAWEI a company on the list. 2011, the U.S. R & D investment accounted for about 33% of the global share, is China's two times and a half.

The goal of the United States is very clear, that is, in the birth of the world's third super industrial revolution in the lead. In fact, now with big data, intelligent manufacturing (smart manufacturing) and wireless revolution (wireless revolution) as the representative of the third super technology change, is the brewing and sees the clue for the first time. Information technology has entered the era of big data today, can freely deal with and store data. Apple's iPhone is a typical example, the computing power has surpassed IBM in the mainframe computers of the 1970s production; maturing "cloud computing", in the data processing achievements let of previously unimaginable services and business has become possible. Intelligent manufacturing is considered since Henry Ford started mass production capacity of the economy after the first structure changes, the rapid development of materials science makes engineers coming from molecular structure design, construction, function optimization, even the creation of new materials, can significantly improve the quality, reduce waste. If the new material can be combined with 3-D printing, will be a revolutionary progress, not only will greatly enhance the product's economic value added, but also will make the human manufacturing mode fundamental changes. Wireless network revolution will not only achieve real-time communication and provide extremely convenient information services, but also greatly save transaction costs.

Observers generally believe that: in the next half a century, the first and second industrial revolution focused on business activities will be replaced by the third industrial revolution decentralized approach. Its logo is a new era of cooperation, social network, industry experts and technical labor force. In other words, with "intelligent manufacturing" as the core of the third industrial revolution, it is possible to make global technology elements and market elements of the configuration mode of revolutionary changes.

The worry is that the United States is now not only in the field of traditional technology to maintain a leading position, but also in many emerging technologies to maintain an overwhelming advantage in china. And the United States in the financial market flow, design and development, system integration and other professional service advantage, reasonable tax and immigration policy, with strong ability in global supply chain management, making the United States may lead in the global scope set off after the rehabilitation of the economic revolution and industrial revolution, to cut global industry layout, which in the United States from economic difficulties in free at the same time, the re formed in China

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