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Diamond products (Ke Pu)


Diamond products categories: Abrasives, cutting tools, drilling tools, cutting tools, trimming tools, wire drawing dies, special instruments and other tools.


1) can break all kinds of rock layers, can process all kinds of hard alloy, ceramic and other super hard materials, can be processed stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and alloy.

2) machining precision is high. If the diamond tool finishing copper and aluminum parts and cutting surface, machining accuracy is 0. 5um, which guarantees the accuracy of ordinary lathe tool is not less than 12. 7um.

3) long service life. The automobile engine cylinder honing a diamond whetstone is equivalent to 300 ordinary stone. The service life of diamond wire drawing die is 250 times longer than that of cemented carbide drawing die.

4) the surface finish is high. The general use of the ordinary stone processing diamond whetstone surface finish on the improvement of grade two.

5) production efficiency is high. In the optical glass cutting, cutting, milling, polishing and other processes using diamond tools, production efficiency can be increased by 10 times.

6) increase the utilization of the material. For the processing of precious and brittle, hard semiconductor, beryllia ceramics and jade material, cut into 0. 15-0. 2mm, high cutting precision. Beryllia ceramics using diamond tool machining processes, beryllium oxide ceramic metal recovery rate can be increased by nearly 1 times, production cost reduced by 40%.


One, according to the bond classification of diamond products can be divided into

1) metal bond diamond products

2) resin bond diamond products

3) ceramic bond diamond products.

Two, according to the use of classification of diamond products can be divided into

Diamond diamond tools 1

2) diamond machining tools

3) diamond tools for the processing of certain special materials

Application range

Diamond products industry, especially artificial diamond products industry is a booming industry in China, and has been hailed as the most promising, the most promising industry. Its main uses are as follows:

1) geological exploration, engineering survey, etc.

2) metal and nonmetal mineral resources prospecting and mining.

3) Expressway, high-speed railway and the construction of high speed railway.

4) bridge and underwater construction.

5) national defense engineering construction.

6) mechanical processing industry.

7) die and mold processing industry.

8) civil building construction.

9) the production and processing of refractory materials and other super hard materials.

10) the exploitation of stone and its processing.

11) glass, semiconductors, ceramics, jade and other non-metallic hard brittle material processing.

12) Hydropower Station, water conservancy facilities construction.

13) engineering pipeline, heating, ventilation, wiring wiring and so on can not be separated from the application of diamond tools.

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